Workflow from Home


Remote work is here to stay. Get focused, get on track, and boost your productivity with personalized workflow guidance.

Connect remotely with your organizing consultant, develop a plan of attack, and get the resources and support you need to succeed.

Together we will:

  • assess your workflow from home style
  • create a customized action plan
  • set up a productive workspace at home
  • eliminate distractions to improve focus
  • establish a functional daily schedule
  • level up your remote teamwork


Perfect for:
  • productivity & focus
  • time management
  • digital decluttering
  • home “office” set-up & organization
  • goal setting & action planning
  • remote team support
  • accountability & accomplishment

6 reviews for Workflow from Home

  1. Julie E.

    Although I thought my home office was organized for my work, I was avoiding actually using the space. Now, my office is light and bright and I love working in there every day.

  2. Megan G.

    Yesterday I felt really overwhelmed, like I was drowning with paperwork and backlogged projects. This morning I woke up with a new attitude because I have a plan in place. The services you offer are such a blessing!

  3. Jessica M.

    theNeatNiche is a fantastic service that can help any business increase profitability by ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

  4. Tom B.

    Within a very brief period of time, we developed a set of changes that simplified the expectations of my staff [and] provided a process that I am using to help all of my managers better organize. We are seeing much higher results in less time.

  5. James B.

    People keep commenting on how organized and clean the office looks, but more importantly is how much better I feel – like a weight has been lifted off me. I can focus on my tasks and get a lot more accomplished now that my office has an organizational sense.

  6. Emily P.

    The change in my desk, bookcase, and filing cabinets still amazes me. My organizer was encouraging and understanding throughout the process, and she has continued to hold me accountable, too, which I really appreciate.

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