Breakthrough Organizing Session


Life feeling chaotic? Clear the clutter, establish strong organizing systems, and reclaim your spaces and your time with our most popular organizing session.

With a team of team of two organizing experts on-site, get ready for a three-hour transformation (always with COVID precautions including masks, hand sanitizer, and wellness screenings).

Together we will:

  • assess your spaces & goals
  • sort your stuff (with you or solo)
  • keep or let go – what adds value?
  • make homes – find what you need when you need it
  • establish systems – live organized!


Perfect for:
  • kitchen & pantry
  • bedrooms & closets
  • playroom & craft room
  • guest rooms & bathrooms
  • garage & attic
  • storage units & basements
  • moving projects (packing, move coordination, unpacking & set up)

4 reviews for Breakthrough Organizing Session

  1. Bill C.

    Great people, great job, great experience.

  2. Carolyn C.

    We had an awesome Power Organizing Session! We just moved, and it was SO helpful and productive. Just what we needed to get settled and organized in our new home! Thank you!

  3. Carrie C.

    I felt frazzled and disordered before my session. During it, I felt energized. After, I feel proud and calm!

  4. Allison F.

    After searching and researching extensively, I came across theNeatNiche and am so happy I did! They are super friendly, professional, non-judgmental, and incredibly efficient. I highly recommend this company for anyone ready to make a lifestyle change for the better.

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