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Wish there were an easier way?

When work and life collide at home, everything feels like chaos. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Simple systems are your solution.

  • get focused and work productively
  • confidently manage your household and distance learners
  • live the life you want, and enjoy every minute

Our guides can help you get there.

Home Organizing

Life feeling chaotic? Clear the clutter, establish customized organizing systems, and reclaim your spaces and your time.

Perfect for:

  • kitchen & pantry
  • bedrooms & closets
  • playroom & craft room
  • guest rooms & bathrooms
  • garage & attic
  • storage units & basements
  • moving projects (packing, move coordination, unpacking & set up)

Office Organizing

Whether you are working from home or the office, organization is key. Get focused, get on track, and boost your productivity with personalized workflow guidance.

Perfect for:

  • lean home office set-up & organization
  • productivity & focus
  • time management
  • digital decluttering
  • goal setting & action planning
  • remote team support
  • accountability & accomplishment

Remote Organizing

Managing work and life starts with self-management. Our compassionate guides will help you gain self-awareness and establish productive habits.

Perfect for:

  • mental clarity
  • habit formation
  • goal setting & action planning
  • accountability & results
  • work-life alignment

Sanity Savers Membership

You may consider yourself “chronically disorganized”. If that is the case, our Sanity Savers Membership is for you!

Perfect for:

  • Long-term organizing projects
  • Continued support
  • Chronic disorganization

home, heart, and mind

You were so instrumental in getting me into a good place, not only in my home but also in my heart and mind. Thank you for serving so excellently.

Lisa A.

What to expect when working with us

Home Organizing
  • assess your spaces & goals
  • sort your stuff (with you or solo)
  • keep or let go – what adds value?
  • make homes – find what you need when you need it
  • establish systems – live organized!
Office Organizing
  • assess your workflow style
  • create a customized action plan
  • set up your productive workspace
  • eliminate distractions to improve focus
  • establish a functional daily schedule
Remote Organizing
  • assess your pace, priorities, & personality
  • explore how your style impacts your choices
  • identify unproductive habits & rewire old thought patterns
  • create healthy boundaries
  • accomplish your goals with personalized accountability

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