Merger Announcement

For over a decade, our organizing consultants have partnered with clients to clear clutter and create customized organizing systems for life and work. But in early 2020, a pandemic hit, the world turned upside down, and everyone was sent home and told to work remotely.  

Overnight, our homes became our offices, and our offices became our homes. Coworkers were now distance-learning kids, and kids were now coworkers (though usually not very focused or productive ones). Struggling to get things done for work, household chores were ignored, and for many of us, clutter quickly crept in.  

Suddenly, talking about separate organizing solutions for homes and offices no longer made sense.  

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Two Companies, One Remote Work World 

Unsure how to effectively meet this emerging need for work-and-life organizing including remote teaming support, Erin Leigh, founder of theNeatNiche, decided it was time to get some help. She reached out to friend, fellow entrepreneur, and management consultant Todd Bradberry, founder and owner of Parallel Management Company.  

Unexpectedly, their conversation shifted quickly from consulting to acquisition. Recognizing their combined ability to reach a wider audience and serve more people, Erin agreed. They reached an agreement in late summer, and theNeatNiche officially became a division of Parallel Management Company in September 2020.  

Built on the idea that successful, profitable companies drive strategy and culture in parallel, it made sense for Parallel Management to have a division dedicated to the creation of lean, efficient systems. Incorporating theNeatNiche’s team of organizing consultants into the Parallel Management team was a natural fit.  

Now, with a combined toolbox full of powerful, effective workflow tools for team leaders and remote teams, Parallel Management and theNeatNiche are quickly rising to the forefront of the “remote work world revolution.”  

What’s in It for You? 

So what does theNeatNiche’s merger with Parallel Management mean for you and your team? In short, it means you have access to systems-based solutions for every corner and aspect of your life, your work, and yourself.  

In addition to offering life-changing, space-transforming organizing support, we also have a toolbox full of Parallel Management’s gold-standard team tools. Thanks to our merger, we are perfectly positioned to help you manage your P&L AND your team… your work AND your life… your systems AND yourself, all in parallel. 

Ready to clear the clutter and create systems for work, life, team, and self? If it’s time to find your flow, consider our new, merged offerings: 

  • Remote Teaming Jumpstart: A 90-minute, virtual team-building event to improve team communications, establish systems for transparency, and level up productivity 
  • Workflow from Home: A personalized program including remote and/or physical support to address WFH challenges, identify and prioritize action steps to improve your productivity, and refine your remote workspace to support your (work AND life) goals 
  • Double Power Organizing Session: A transformational, three-hour organizing session with two organizers, perfect for banishing perpetual piles and re-energizing your spaces 

With theNeatNiche as a division of Parallel Management, it’s easy to manage work and life in parallel.  

Please join us in celebrating our new partnership with Parallel Management Company

Want to hear more about our new partnership, services, and systems-based solutions? Let’s chat! 

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