Five DIY Decluttering Approaches

Let’s face it: When it comes to our homes, junk has a way of accumulating. Even if we’re meticulous about putting away our personal belongings, there is a natural tendency for things to pile up over time.  

High-traffic areas in our homes, such as entryways, living rooms, or kitchens, are among the most common places where clutter builds. Before you know it, you’ll need to pick up your home to prepare it for guests, hosting a party, or annual spring cleaning.  

If bringing in an organizer isn’t in the budget, or you just want to give it a go on your own first, here are five excellent tips to help make decluttering an easier and more enjoyable experience. 

Deep Cleaning 

You might be surprised by how much clutter has piled up over the years when you look around and assess the situation. If you’re trying to find the motivation to start the decluttering process, a deep cleaning service might do the trick. Not only will knowing the cleaners are on their way inspire you to discard excess items, but your home will also receive a sparkling shine. 

Rearrange Your Furniture 

Sometimes, bringing a new look to a room will stimulate you in a positive way. A simple rearranging of your furniture can tap into a form of creativity that will help ground you in your environment. This “movement-based creation” promotes improved self-esteem and well-being. Laziness and lack of motivation could be keeping you from taking action, but the end result of sitting in a newly arranged room could make your familiar home feel fresh and new again. 

Netflix and Clean 

Perhaps a little free help from an expert is warranted. The sensation that is Marie Kondo has consumed the Netflix subscription base, and her philosophy on tidying up has helped turn people on to her step-by-step process. Kondo’s ideology stems from the idea that simplifying and organizing will create a serene environment while promoting well-being. With the accessibility of her series online, you can watch her bring order to other people’s homes while collecting ideas for how to de-clutter your own. Hopefully, you’ll get motivated to tidy up while watching the rest of your queue.  

A Place for Everything 

Everything in your home should have a place and a purpose, and if there is nowhere to put it, then it needs to go. You can start the sorting process by putting things into four piles:  

  • what you want to keep 
  • what you want to donate 
  • what you want to store 
  • what you want to discard 

The challenge, of course, is being honest with yourself about the things you truly need and the things you can live without.  

Once you’ve pared down, maintain a tidy appearance by putting your belongings away neatly and out of sight, or display them in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. Some cool, fun storage ideas include under-the-bed bins (you can find affordable options at retailers like the Container Store starting at $22), closet shelves, and wall cubes that double as artwork without making the walls look cluttered. 

Reset and Reboot 

We are all different in how we view clutter and how it relates to our lives. So, if you find yourself backed into a corner trying to reclaim your home from all the junk, there is always the nuclear option of getting rid of everything. While this move is at the extreme end of decluttering, you’ll truly be able to start over fresh. This could allow you to add new furniture or paint to the room. Or, if you want to know how your space would look with different colors, you can make use of removable wallpaper, which will let you swap out different patterns and designs as needed. 

Recognizing the need to organize is a perfect opportunity to go through your home and re-evaluate what you actually use. Just remember, if you try on your own and end up stuck or overwhelmed, it’s okay to call for professional help. It’s exactly why we’re here! 

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