7 Steps to Transform “Spring Cleaning” into a Whole Home Organizing Reset

As temperatures begin to rise, you may suddenly start to notice all the things in your spaces. There are cobwebs in the corners. Piles on the counters. A jumbled mess inside the cabinets. When did it get this cluttered in here? you may find yourself wondering  

This desire to clear out and reset our spaces as temperatures rise is often referred to as spring cleaning. But after a long winter and a lot of time at home, dusting off the cobwebs often doesn’t quite cut it. This year, turn your “spring cleaning” efforts into a whole home organizing reset – without a whole lot more work (promise!).  

For over a decade, our team of Organizing Consultants at theNeatNiche has been on a mission to help our clients create effective, sustainable organizing systems. We understand how painful it is to keep living the “Clutter Cycle” when you really want long-lasting organization. For that reason, we guide our clients to live organized, not just get organized. 

This year, to avoid repeating the same old pattern yet again, here’s what we suggest. 

7 Steps to Turn This Year’s Spring Cleaning into an Organizing Reset 

  1. Reframe “spring cleaning” into a “spring reset.” This mindset shift is especially important if you’ve been feeling frustrated about all the piles. Instead of focusing on what needs to go, try to view this time of year as an opportunity to realign your spaces and your stuff with where you are in your life.  
  2. Consider what has changed for you in the past year. What have you stopped doing? What have you started doing? Are there things you aren’t using any longer? New things that have come in which now need homes? Knowing what’s shifted helps you identify areas of your home or life that probably need a little extra organizing love. 
  3. Let go of what no longer serves you. Remember, letting go of the old is what makes room for the new. If we want to grow and expand in new, exciting, fulfilling ways, we must be willing to let go – at least a little! – of the past and the stuff that comes with it. If you’re no longer using it, donate it so it can find a new home with someone else.
  1. Take a bite-sized approach. If it’s been a year or more since you organized (no judgement!), it’s unrealistic to expect to turn it all around in a day, weekend, or even a week. Instead of rushing through, focus on one room (or even one section of a room!) at a time. Not only will you make better choices, you’ll avoid decision-making fatigue and burnout, too. 
  2. Know your limits. Are you a decision-making rockstar, or do you struggle to decide? Clutter is a buildup of postponed decisions, so if you know it takes a lot for you to focus and make choices, honor your needs. Work in shorter bursts – and consider #6 on this list. 
  3. Get help if you need it. Not everyone has a talent for organizing – and that’s okay. If you’re not inherently organized, have never learned the organizing process, or often struggle with decision-making, you may benefit from professional organizing support. Even just one or two sessions with an organizing consultant can shift your perspective and ensure you’re on the right path.  
  4. Celebrate every success. When you can see there’s still so much to do, it’s easy to discount or forget the effort you’ve already put in. But that mindset will derail your efforts. Instead, focus on what you have accomplished. Celebrate every single organizing success, no matter how small. And, keep going. In just a short time, your organizing successes won’t be so small anymore. 

Feeling motivated? Ready to dive in and make it an organized spring? Now’s the time!  

Get started on your own, or contact us to discuss personal organizing support options.

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