5 Ways to Eliminate Pre-Vacation Organizing Stress

Summer is here! And this year, we actually get to take our vacations instead of being stuck at home. Woohoo! 
Unfortunately, preparing for vacation isn’t nearly as blissful as actually being on vacation. 
It’s just that packing requires taking so many variables into account. And if you already struggle with decision-making, deciding what to bring and what to leave at home can be a lot to figure out. Especially if you’re packing for your whole family, not just yourself. 
But getting ready to go doesn’t have to be stressful. This year, de-stress your vacation prep with these five steps. 

5 Ways to Eliminate Pre-Vacation Organizing Stress 

1. Begin early, and think it through before you start. 

  • Especially if you’re prone to randomly throwing things into your suitcase at the last minute, devote some time well before your trip to thinking about what you’re likely to see, do, and experience while on vacation.  
  • A two-column list works nicely here: On one side, list out your vacation activities, and on the other, write down the essential items you will need to have to enjoy that activity or experience. 
  • You can add to your planning list as your trip approaches and you think of more things you’ll need. 

2. Focus on versatility to reduce volume. 

  • When you’re short on space, packing clothing that serves double duty is essential. Look for pieces you can dress up and dress down. If you can’t think of at least two different ways you might wear an item, reconsider taking it. 

3. Use travel containers to keep like items together. 

  • To avoid a jumbled, chaotic mess inside your suitcase, invest in travel cubes or mesh travel bags
  • Within each cube, you can pack an entire outfit including accessories, or you can simply store small items so they’re contained within your suitcase.  

4. Don’t forget a tech check. 

  • With technology such an integral part of our lives, even on vacation, it’s likely you’ll be taking your devices with you on the road. 
  • Make a list of the devices you know you want to take with you. Then, consider what you’ll need to make them work the way you want them to. Will you need travel cases? Plug adapters? A tripod? 
  • Lastly, use a travel cube to keep accessories and chargers together for easy access. 

5. Leave the stress behind. 

  • Knowing you’re well-packed and have what you need to make the most of your vacation makes it easy to leave pre-vacation stress behind.  

Follow these tips, then sit back, relax, and enjoy. You deserve it! 

What are your favorite travel or packing tips for an organized, enjoyable vacation? Comment below! 

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